Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's Talk About Writing

Last week, Chris Lehman launched a new online forum for teachers to collaborate on topics they are passionate about.  The Educator Collaborative is a great place to participate in discussions, ask questions, and grow your personal learning network (PLN).  There are lots of groups with topics to please everyone!

I began a group called "Writing in Grades 3-5" with the purpose of sharing ideas and inspiration for growing our students as writers.  I would love it if you would join the conversation!  Click here for more information.

If you join, drop me a note in the comments to let me know.  I'm looking forward to learning from you!


  1. I am loving this new community! I think it is really going to help me connect with others and strengthen my teaching! And I am pretty sure I am in your group!!

  2. Joined the community and can't wait to participate more!

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