Saturday, January 3, 2015

Why I Spent My Winter Break Reading

The second week of winter break is coming to an end.  I am a bit sad, but looking forward to going back into my classroom to share my winter break experiences with my students.

These past two weeks, I had lots of adventures.

I visited Victorian England and hung out with two Irish orphans.  I spent time with a deaf child who learned that her deafness could be her superpower. I explored 1920's New York city with another child who went on a quest to discover where he came from.

I didn't leave home to do any of this.

I didn't warp back in time.

What I did do, was READ.  A lot....

Why did I spend my winter break reading middle grade fiction, you wonder?

1.  I want my students to know that I wouldn't ask them to do anything that I wouldn't do myself.  I asked them to read over break, so I did the same.

2.  To be able to recommend books to students, I have to know books.  To know books, I have to read them.  I began to recognize how important this was when I read The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller two summers ago. (If you haven't read The Book Whisperer...what are you waiting for???)

3.  I want to be a reading role model for my students.   I want my students to know me as a reader and to know what I think about the books I've read.

4.  I've found an amazing network of teacher readers on Twitter and daily posts from the Nerdy Book Club. The tweets that have been going out about the #bookaday challenge and the Nerdy Book Awards have helped me stay connected and informed about the best in children's literature and what I need to read next.  They even inspired me to purchase this shirt:

6.  My TBR (To Be Read) pile of books was about to topple over....I had to start making the pile get shorter.  :)

I consider my time reading during break well spent.  On Monday, I will begin to share the tales of my reading adventures with my students.

I already have a student reader in mind for each of the books I read over break.

I can't wait....


  1. I've been hanging out in Amish country (Pennsylvania), in Holland and England during World War II, and in Jerusalem when statehood was declared in 1948. It's been an exciting break! Thanks for your post.
    Laughter and Consistency

  2. Keeping up our reading life is very important. I love being transported to other places by books!

    Swinging for Success

  3. It surprised me how few teachers actually read! Even on breaks. I too have a growing to be read pile that I hope to keep up with better this year! :)

    Not Just Child's Play

  4. I haven't done as much reading as I hoped. I love your selection of books. I have read The Book Whisperer and aspire to be Donalyn. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. I love reading a book that reminds you of a reader in your class because that is such a powerful way to connect with she/he. Thanks for the reminder and Twitter tip! You are a nerd!


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