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Welcome to my Professional Reading Page!
I'll admit it...I am addicted to reading!  The UPS man delivers something from Amazon at least once a week.  I love helping my fellow teachers with book recommendations -- both professional and to use in their classrooms.
That's what this page is for!
Here you will find short blurbs of the professional and classroom books I have read in hopes that you may find something helpful.  And if you do, I'd love to hear about it!
Happy Reading!!
Written mostly for kids (grades 3-5 I would think), the author of this popular series gives important tips to young writers.  From how to keep a writer's notebook to using grammar correctly so "you don't sound like a dumbhead", kids are sure to listen.  Would make a great read aloud at the beginning of the school year as you are establishing your Writer's Workshop.

Similar to Literature Circles, Writing Circles are a great way to help students work collaboratively to help improve their writing.  They lie somewhere in between independent writing and writer's workshop and help give structure and a framework to your writing instruction.  Your writing time will become easier to manage as students support each other in the selection of writing topics, peer feedback and support.  I can't wait to try Writing Circles in my own classroom!

Revising is NOT editing.  It is NOT simply copying your draft over in neat handwriting and turning it in.  (Sound familiar???) Revising IS the most important part o the writing process and should be given the greatest bulk of time in your writing class.  Author Janet Angelillo teaches you how to help your students improve their writing with tons of ideas and mini-lessons.

After reading this book, I will never have my students copy definitions out of the dictionary and use them in a (boring) sentence again.  Instead, we will play games with words, explore words, and celebrate our new vocabularies.  This book gives excellent insight into why children of poverty struggle with basic vocabulary and what we as educators can do about it.  A must read!!


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  1. One of my favorite professional reads is "Teach Like a Champion." It's full of great, practical tips that you can implement tomorrow. They're also realistic.. LOL.
    :) Erin


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