Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Peek at My Week {9-21-14}

Welcome to A Peek at My Week!  Thanks for visiting.  I hope you will link up and share your plans for this upcoming week.
Here we go with week 4....

In writing, we have been using this resource that I found online from Portland Public Schools.  (Have you seen it??? Simply amazing!)  We have been exploring ways writers get their ideas, the habits of good writers, and doing lots of quick writes. This week, students will choose one of their quick writes and turn it into a published piece of writing for their Treasure Chest.  (This is what we call their portfolio.)  I am so thrilled with my students enthusiasm for writing!

We also have our next round of MAP testing, this time for math.  Last week was reading and let me just tell you....I have work to do.  There was a 50 point range in my scores (about five grade levels).  Can you say.... 'differentiation?'

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We have also been chugging along improving our vocabulary by learning five new Greek or Latin word parts each week using my product, Word Parts We Know. The students were excited to see some of these word parts show up on their MAP test....I am excited to see that they are recognizing new words and figuring out their meanings in their independent reading.
Finally, this week we will also write our first letters to our pen pals in Ohio in Mary from Fit to Be Fourth's class.  On Friday, we spied on their school using Google Earth.  :)  We are excited to begin this new relationship with other fourth graders!
Fit to Be Fourth

Oh...and one more thing.  Rosie the Puggle turns 5 on Thursday!  :)

I hope you have an amazing week!


  1. Happy Birthday to Rosie! You have MAP testing too! Oh boy, do I have questions. We just completed our three rounds of testing, and I am not sure where to go from here. We had a 2 hour training. Yep, two hours.

  2. It will be way cheaper mailing your letters! LOL! That Portland School site is amazing! I spent the last half hour exploring. Thanks! HBD, Rosie!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  3. I wish I had time in my classes for pen pals. Last year I was supposed to be hooked up with a teacher in India and we were going to video tape our selves and have the lessons "played" for the other classes, but that did not work. I would love to try something else like that...but I do not know what or how it would work in the short time I get my kids.

    Looks like your week is going to be good though! Good luck!
    Lessons With Coffee

  4. I can't wait to start pen pals! We are all very excited! Happy birthday to Rosie! She is just too cute!

    Fit to be Fourth


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