Friday, January 17, 2014

Favorite Teacher Flashback

I am excited to be participating in a scavenger hunt to celebrate 300 Bloglovin followers for both Susan of Middle School OCD and Erin of Miss Lifesaver.  Congratulations ladies!!!

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My favorite teacher -- and the reason I became a teacher myself -- was Ms. Mullen.  Believe it or not, I had her for THREE years straight!  (Poor lady!!)  She taught me 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  Having the same teacher for two years in a row is not all that uncommon...but three years???

What I loved about Ms. Mullen was that she loved Mickey Mouse and she had a Mickey Mouse stamp that she would use to stamp your paper if you did a REALLY good job!  She was also Irish and loved to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.  A leprechaun, named O'Reilly, would leave us notes in our desks. (One year, I thought I didn't get a note and then Ms. Mullen suggested that I clean my desk....) She also helped the class write a play that we performed in our school library and one year, we even turned our classroom into the inside of an airplane for a science unit -- complete with a visit from a real pilot!  (Talk about project based learning, ahead of her time!)

She was awesome -- is awesome -- and is still teaching today!

So I hope you will head on over to Middle School OCD or Miss Lifesaver to continue on the scavenger hunt to read about more awesome teachers.

Good luck to you!!


  1. I love that you missed the note! Too funny:). I can't imagine having the same teacher for 3 years. Did she loop with the whole class or was it a multi-level combo?

  2. Thanks again so much for linking celebrating with us!! Don't you just love teachers who are so far ahead of the curve?! I guess that's probably the joy of the teaching pendulum... what was good once will be good again someday! I never repeated a teacher until high school, so I can't imagine that experience in middle school. What an amazing bond you all must have formed with her!

  3. That is so awesome that you had a teacher for three years and remember her being your favorite. I am still close with my group that I taught for three years. In fact...they are in 7th grade now and all trying to leave school early one day to come visit me at school soon. I am discouraging that and told them they can all come one day after school. Lol!
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